has posted good articles in the last two days on extranets and disaster recovery, two topics law firms should have high on their priority lists for this year. I’m quoted in both articles and enjoyed speaking with Ari Kaplan and Leigh Jones as they prepared the articles.
The money quote from the disaster recovery article:

Kennedy also warns that firm management should maintain a working knowledge of their disaster plans. Frequently, he said, they delegate the responsibility to the firm’s technology professionals without understanding it themselves. That approach can create problems if employees leave. It can also backfire in an emergency, if management and technology staffers haven’t developed the plan together.

The money quote from the extranet article (a big thank you to Ari for distilling our conversation into one paragraph that captures the essence of what I was trying to say):

“There are some people who have done some pretty great things with extranets, but there is room to do more,” he says, adding that the real potential for extranet is through incorporating decision trees, artificial intelligence, instant messaging and document assembly. “Extranets are like Web sites; their potential is limited only by our imaginations.”

These two articles should be on your reading list for today.
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