It can be surprisingly difficult to describe to people the differences between blogs and websites in ways they will understand.
I like to describe blogs by their impact, not their attributes: “A blog is an online newspaper or magazine column without the newspaper or magazine.”
To people who have worked on their own websites for a long time, I like to describe blogging software as a great, lightweight content management system for a website that allows you to focus on content rather than HTML.
There is a lot of overlap between blogs and websites and it’s fair to say that blogs are a subset of websites, or that a blog is a form of website.
Kevin O’Keefe pointed today to a great post from Dave Taylor that will definitely help you understand the difference between blogs and websites. I highly recommend it to anyone who has struggled with trying to learn the difference or who has to try to explain the difference to someone.
The money quote (from Dave Taylor):

In my opinion, this separation of content from presentation is a wonderful reason to consider using a blog as the foundation of your entire Web site. Being able to focus on the words–on what you want to say, on your content–is not only a wonderful relief (no worrying about breaking HTML with an edit hiccup!) but lowers the barrier of entry for new Web site creators/bloggers to almost zero.

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