It’s great to have Shelley Powers back blogging on a regular basis again.
Her post, Sauna St. Louis, perfectly captures the essence of the aftermath of the rain a few days ago during our latest heat/humidity wave. I’m from northern Indiana and I always associate summer thunderstorms with cooling things off. It’s demoralizing to find that it’s even hotter and more humid after a thunderstorm, as is often the case in the summer in St. Louis. Unlike Shelley, however, I find that I’m not ready to embrace the heat and love the humidity.
Adding the sauna effect, on Saturday, steam was rising off our street as it rained.
I developed a little index to help me decide whether or not I wanted to ride my bike in the heat. I simply add the temperature and the humidity. The number was 170 at 8:00 yesterday morning. I decided that maybe that was too high. Currently, my index number is 148.
But the electricity is back. Sort of. We just got back from picking up my father-in-law and bringing him here after another power outage in his neighborhood (second in three days). It looked like a very large swath of south St. Louis city and county were without power – cause unknown.
And the heat goes on.
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