Darryl Mountain pointed me to an online pdf version of his new article, “Disrupting conventional law firm models using document assembly,” in the International Journal of Law and Information Technology.
From the abstract:

Document assembly software is a technology that is fundamental to disrupting law firms. This article uses the framework set out by Clayton Christensen in The Innovator’s Dilemma and subsequent books to examine the range of business models that use document assembly software, from those that are sustaining in relation to law firms to those that are disruptive in relation to law firms. It looks at three barriers that slow down the pace of disruption: a shortage of the right people, rules against unauthorised practice, and inadequate capitalisation of law firms. These barriers will be overcome on a piecemeal basis as disruptive forces advance and undercut the billable hour.

Darryl is one of the truly innovative thinkers in the legal profession and I highly recommend this article. The article is based on a presentation Darryl gave last year (I wrote about it here) and the lively discussion that followed.
The article reminded me about that conversation and some follow-up thoughts I had on the insurance aspect of what Darryl is discussing, something I may write about in the near future.
Another great article from Darryl that I hope reaches a big audience. It will give you much to think about.
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