Reading 2.0? I rarely write reviews anymore, but here’s something that tempts me to offer to write one for the chance to get my hands on a product early. Philips can add me to the potential reviewer list for the READUS E-Reader. This looks like it will be cool, and something that I’d find useful (as would my audience). I’ve been intrigued by the idea of a portable electronic book reader for a long time.
Here’s the intro from the post on the jkOntheRun blog that got my attention:

We’ve been hearing about ebook readers that will appear with e-ink screens that roll up into a very tiny form and then extend out to provide a nice decently sized screen for reading.

Check out the video of it here.
Combine this type of product with a wireless capability and the news river approach, and you have something that would be truly useful and not just a gadget for gadget’s sake.
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