I’ve gotten a few questions recently about the articles I’ve been writing for the TechnoLawyer Newswire.
As many of you know, I’ve been writing, in one form or another, for Neil Squillante’s great legal techology resource and email list, TechnoLawyer, for many years. Many of my articles have appeared as TechnoFeatures and I am proud to be one of the distinguished group of alumni writers (and the current group is pretty darned good too) of the IP Memes newsletter, which contained some of my favorite of my own writings over the last few years.
And I consider Neil a good friend.
About six months ago, Neil and I were reminiscing and I mentioned (1) how I liked his NewsWire newsletter because it was one of the best places for me to learn about new legal technologies, (2) how I felt I wasn’t able to keep up with new product announcements as much as I wished I could, and (3) how I kind of missed writing for the TechnoLawyer audience on a regular basis. Neil smiled and said he might have something for me to think about.
A few months later, I had agreed to write the articles for the NewsWire email newsletter. Two big reasons were that (1) it gave me a great chance to learn about new legal tech products and (2) it gave me a chance to learn to write in the 250-word format. Since I’m known for long blog posts, I thought this would be a great skill to hone.
So . . . what is the TechnoLawyer NewsWire? It’s a free newsletter (registration required) that covers products and services that are new (or new to lawyers) and new releases and developments in existing products and services. Each issue covers three products or services. For example, today’s issue featured “an online alternative to Microsoft Office, a free service for tracking your wealth (and comparing it to that of your peers), and an Outlook add-in that enables you to organize and archive your e-mail by client and matter.”
As Neil says, “Dennis uses clever headlines, pop culture references, and a touch of humor. He also keeps it short and to the point, discussing only the most salient features. It’s an excellent way to stay on top of the latest and greatest products and services.”
What I really do is write a short, descriptive and objective piece about the products and services – neither a sales pitch or a review (think Jack Webb, as the pop culture reference).
There are about 12,000 subscribers to the TechnoLawyer NewsWire. The NewsWire is educational, to be sure. You can see a bunch of the articles I’ve written here (TechnoLawyer publishes one article from each issue of the newsletter in its blog)
For more info and the subscribe form, click here.
The more subscribers, the merrier, as I always say.
If you’re a vendor that has released a new product or is new to the legal market, send an email to newswire at peerviews dot com.
So, it’s another innovative TechnoLawyer offering from Neil and a fun little freelance writing gig for me that will help me have a small budget for some cool new products.
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