I’ve puttered around the edges of knowledge management over the years. I must admit that my interest has always been in personal knowledge management more so than capital-K, capital-M knowledge management.
Dave Pollard has a tremendous post today called “The PK-enabled Organization,” that pulls together a personal knowledge management (PKM) approach within the context of an organization. It stresses the bottom-up, rather than the top-down approach to KM that I’ve always felt makes the most sense.
It’s a long read (it’ll be a chapter in a book), but you will be well-rewarded for your time and effort.
The money quote:

Rather than trying to impose new processes and infrastructure on people, PKM attempts to support and reflect the ways we intuitively learn and share what we do. It adapts technology to people’s behaviour, rather than forcing behaviour to adapt to new technology. What is missing, still, is more pioneers.

Speaking of KM, one of my favorite KM experts, Jack Vinson, has a great short post comparing traditional conferences to unconferences and making the analogy with punk rock – another bottom-up, adaptive approach.
Important ideas.
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