Karen Jones, editor of London’s CityTech, has posted the Global Tech Top 100 Leaders list for 2006 (pdf here). The focus is on technology in the legal industry, and it’s a list determined by the choices of 2,000 people involved in legal technology. It’s an impressive list determined by peers and I’m quite honored to be on the list, along with so many people whose work I admire.
I’m pleased to be singled out for three things that are important to me – blogging, innovation and “for talking about Law 2.0.”
Today, JoAnna Forshee, Matt Homann and I were talking about the next LexThink event, which we are calling Litigation 2.0. Matt’s also on the Top 100 list and JoAnna has been on the list as well (she helped with it this year). To me, Litigation 2.0 is a piece of Law 2.0, and perhaps the piece of it that will arrive the earliest. (By the way, nothing official yet, but we’re thinking of early spring 2007 in New York City for the Litigation 2.0 event.)
As I think about Law 2.0, the one thing I know for sure is that if you took the 100 people on this list, brought them together to brainstorm, and turned them loose on the question of what Law 2.0 would look like, you’d get something pretty amazing. And that would be one heck of a LexThink conference. Matt and JoAnna, there’s an idea for our next conference call.
Thank you to Karen and CityTech for putting together this great list and recognizing the people and their contributions.
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