It’s the season for cool gift lists. I especially like David Seah’s list for the productivity-obsessed, Gifts for Hardcore Productivity Nuts: Magnatag Visible Systems. Thanks to 43 Folders for the link.
Lots of great ideas and references to great non-high-tech productivity tools like the Moleskine notebooks that became really popular with bloggers a while back (I still use mine and have jokingly referred to them as the blogger PDAs). Hey, this blog is not always about high tech.
The stars of Seah’s post are . . . well, let’s just go to the money quote:

As tough as I reckoned I was with all my paper-based weaponry—you should see the paper task shuriken I’ve been working on—my delusions of badassedness came to an abrupt end when I came across Magnatag products half a year ago. I had stumbled onto a trove of custom magnetic whiteboards and task tracking support tools, built large from steel and plastic. They’re working tools for daily use in the field, for information-critical activities like truck dispatching, construction projects and even church management. From shipping containers to saving souls, Magnatag seems to have an informational whiteboard product for every industry that needs to get things done.

There’s some cool stuff here – the stuff I expect to see hanging on Matt Homann‘s wall. In fact, I can’t believe that he hasn’t already posted about this.
Take a look at this page and you’ll be hooked.
Fascinating stuff. Magnatag link
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