I’ve been helping out Tom Mighell with the Strongest Links column in the Law Practice Today webzine off and on through 2006. The column selects, collects and annotates helpful Internet resources on a variety of law practice topics.
Our most recent effort is a “best of” column that highlights our favorite links from the previous columns this year. You’ll find some great starting points for your Internet research in this column.
While many sing the praises of Google, the sad fact is that search engines have become less effective for taking you to the best starting points for basic information on law-related topics. The Strongest Links column is an effort to share some of the best entry points for further research. One of the most interesting things I’ve learned in 2006 is how difficult it is to find links for these columns using search engine results alone.
Check out the column here.
I’ve really enjoyed getting the chance to write with Tom this year and you can expect to see more of our writing collaborations in 2007.
You’ll also see some of my reflections on legal technology in 2006 in a roundtable article in this issue of Law Practice Today called “Leading Technology Trends for 2006 and Beyond.” Simon Chester, Terry Gill, Joe Kashi and John Tredennick are the other contributors and the article will make you think and start some good discussions.
In the meantime, I’m busily at work on my annual legal technology predictions article. Until it’s done, take a look back at last year’s legal tech predictions article and the collection of legal tech and tech law predictions for 2007 on the Society for Computers and Law website. There’s lots of good stuff in the SCL article, with, to be sure, some overlap, with my thoughts, but I’m sure that you’ll find my 2007 predictions will reflect my unique perspective and be thought-provoking. That’s one prediction I can guarantee.
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