I haven’t written as much about knowledge management lately as I’d like, but I wanted to point to two posts that I recommend as good starting points for thinking about or discussing knowledge management today.
The first is from Denham Grey and is called “Knowledge Sharing – A Rethink” and is intriguing because it refocuses us on the notion that you can’t manage knowledge unless people are sharing knowledge.
The money quote:

Knowledge sharing is the primary, most basic knowledge practice – without a sharing ethos, much of KM promise fails.

It’s a great, short introduction and starting point.
The second post is from Dave Snowden and explores my favorite of his famous set of three maxims on KM:

“We always know more than we can say, and we will always say more than we can write down.”

He refers to a 2,500 year old Chinese quote that captures a quite similar, but perhaps even more profound notion:

Writing could not fully describe what the people want to say; speech could not express what people want to think.

Interesting question: is the blogging era the greatest experiment in knowledge sharing humans have ever seen?
Consider Grey’s conclusion to his post in that context

Blogging where you add commentary to shared links, point to insightful remarks and ideas of other bloggers and highlight views that interest you is an emergent form of sharing. When this is combined with RSS feeds, categorization, specialist search engines and blog rings it becomes a powerful genre for sharing.

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