I’ve had the idea for a while that it would be great to have a handheld unit to recording the presentations I do. Like the one on blogging I did tonight. (A big thank you to the audience – I had a great time.)
I also like traveling with my iPod, so I didn’t realy want to carry a separate recording unit.
It seemed like a good idea to experiment with one of the recorders you can use with an iPod. After reading a bunch of reviews, I decided to try the XtremeMac Micromemo Voice Recorder for the iPod, primarily because it offered a line-in input for external microphones. It’s also inexpensive (there’s a nice discount on Amazon right now).
It fits right on the bottom of a video iPod and has a short flexible stem on which the included microphone is attached. It installs easily and pops up a small recorder screen for voice memos. Select “record” and you are recording directly to your iPod.
I tried it for the first time in a presentation setting this evening. I simply placed the iPod on the table in front of me, flexed the microphone stem up and toward me and hit record. I was seated and made no effort to get close to the microphone.
Wow! I am pleased with the results. The recording is very good and the Micromemo even did a good job of picking up the questions (everyone seated around a large conference table). The sound quality is very acceptable as is and should clean up (using Audacity) very nicely.
The Micromemo appears, at this point, to be a very interesting and affordable option for speakers who want to have a portable way to capture the audio of their presentations. Definitely worth a look.
I may have further comments on it when I try to move the audio file off the iPod to a computer and as I use it in other settings. At this point, some of the reviews I saw on Amazon seem unduly negative, but at this price point, it seems to work well for what I wanted.
Check it out. Let me know what you think.
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