There’s a lot of interest these days in Macs. While it might be tempting for some to rely on the Mac vs. PC commercials for information, I recommend that you get a solid understanding of the basic issues before jumping from the PC to the Mac world, especially in a business setting.
As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been using a MacBook Pro as part of a program Apple is doing in connection with the legal profession. It’s been a great experience and a return to the Mac for me. I used a Mac SE in the late ’80s and early ’90s.
Our Apple contact has been great and is very receptive to the feedback we give him.
In part in response to some of our questions and suggestions, Apple has produced two great online video seminars that do an excellent job of highlighting some of the most important transition elements when moving from PC to Mac. They also have some great tips for experienced users.
In about 27 minutes of video, you’ll save a great amount of time and trouble, especially with the Connecting to Windows video that highlights ways to network Macs and PCs and print from Macs to PC printers and PCs to Mac printers. The “New to the Mac” video has some of the best tips for new users all in one handy place. You’ll get off to a great start if you watch this video. If you are just thinking about a Mac, you’ll get a clear, realistic picture of the similarities and differences, and be able to make a solid decision. My sense is that if you are leaning toward a Mac, you will be leaning even further toward the Mac after watching these videos.
Highly recommended.
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