Adam Pash notes in his LifeHacker article, “Seven New Year’s Resolutions for Your PC” that he wants to make 2007 the year for hard drive perfection. I don’t know whether that’s possible, but his list of seven resolutions is a very helpful way to take more control over your hard drive. Lots of helpful hints and tips in that post.
I’m currently focusing on #3 – cleaning out your hard drive. It’s amazing what you’ll find and the WinDirStat program he mentions in the post is very useful. For example, what the heck were two 512 meg temp files doing on my hard drive?
My other computer resolution was to add RAM to computers around the house. More RAM rules! Installation of RA remains a bit of an adventure, though.
My favorite comment amidst all the Apple iPhone hubbub today was from Phil Greenspun: “What I want is a phone that won’t make calls from inside my pocket.” It was most apropos on another day when I took my cell phone out of my pocket and saw that the camera had served up yet another collection of photos of the inside of my pocket. I am not a fan of cell phones.
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