Adobe’s Rick Borstein has a great how-to post on creating and using signature stamps in Adobe Acrobat on his blog and it’s called “Creating a Transparent Signature Stamp.”
An electronic signature stamp can be a very handy tool these days, and using a transparent background solves some frustrating problems that can arise when using a signature stamp.
The best thing is that people are gradually starting to realize the great flexibility that the electronic signature laws now give us (see this article for a primer on electronic signatures under U.S. law) and slowly people are starting to accept electronic signatures as being the equivalent of “wet” signatures, something U.S. law has provided for several years.
This method will also help you with some of the electronic filing issues Ernie Svenson raised here and here.
Rick’s post will help you turn your signature into a work of art and practical and helpful tool at the same time. It’s a great example of how small and simple uses of technology targeted at something that helps you everyday can bring you more benefit than elaborate technology “solutions” directed at problems that you aren’t quite sure really even exist.
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