Redlining and use of Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature have become necessary tools in a lawyer’s technology toolbox today. Yet, all of us could use a little more knowledge and improvement in our skills in handling these tools.
In the latest “Strongest Links” column that Tom Mighell and I write for the ABA’s Law Practice Today webzine, “Staying on Track with Track Changes,” we pull together a great list of useful places on the Internet where you can learn more about these essential tools. I can assure that, given the amount of time it took us to find these resources, this article will save you time and give you a running start on learning about “track changes” and redlining.
The money quote:

Track Changes has its own unique set of frustrations, but its usage is now so common that lawyers, especially those with transactional practices, should be familiar with using the feature as part of their everyday document creation routine. . . . We can’t promise that this article will eliminate all of your frustrations and difficulties with Track Changes, but it should definitely make your life with the feature a little bit easier.

As always, there are many other great articles in this month’s issue of Law Practice Today.
Keep your eyes open for the next few days for an announcement about a major new writing project that Tom and I will be announcing. Comments are open for your best guesses.
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