The coolest thing about the Firefox browser is the way you can add all kinds of “extensions” to the browser to customize it in endless ways to suit your needs. In a way, Firefox becomes a software platform. You can also get a little carried away doing this by adding all kinds of extensions to complicate your workspace. New versions of Firefox also have the annoying feature of breaking some of your extensions.
That said, a moderate use of well-chosen Firefox extensions is a very good thing. How do you get started?
I suggested that you start with Lifehack’s “Top 10 Firefox Extensions to Improve Your Productivity.” You’ll find ten great ideas, and many more in the comments. If you haven’t experimented with extensions, you’ll have some good ones to start with. If you use extensions, I suspect you’ll find some great new ones. Here’s the one I’m adding to my Firefox installation: URLfixer. It should solve one of my most common annoyances – the slightly mistyped URL. The browser really should know what I meant to type, and now it will.
New to Firefox? Check it out and download it here. It’s good to be browser ambidextrous these days. Get even more extensions (and not just productivity extensions) at the Firefox extensions page.
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