I wanted to send my congratulations today to Dave Winer on the tenth anniversary of the start of Scripting News, one of the most influential and pioneering of all blogs.
Although I can’t say that I’ve been reading Scripting News since the beginning, I have been reading it for a very long time.
Dave Winer and Scripting News definitely had the biggest impact on me starting my blog. Or, more accurately, it was through Scripting News that I learned about and became fascinated by RSS feeds.
As I tell people who are familiar with RSS feeds, I did not start this blog because I wanted to have a blog or be a blogger, but because it was the best vehicle for me to have my own RSS feed. I actually had a hand-rolled RSS feed for my website before I started this blog. The blog made it so much easier to generate an RSS feed. So, in one fell swoop, I had an RSS feed and a blog, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Although I’ve regularly mentioned the bloggers who had a big impact on my decision to launch this blog, the biggest push for me came from reading Scripting News.
Steve Rubel and others have talked in terms of a blogger lineage or a “blogging family tree.” I’ve always liked that idea, and have long considered this blog to be part of the Dave Winer family tree. I’ve never met Dave, but I thank him now and congratulation him on the highly influential, and occasionally tempestuous, ten years of Scripting News, and salute him like so many others have. It’d be a real honor if I could officially join the many others who are part of Dave’s blogging family tree.
What’s your blog lineage or blogging family tree?
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