First it was Peak Oil. Is it now Peak Blogging?
Steve Rubel asks some fascinating questions and has some thought-provoking analysis about the current state of blogging in his post “As Daily Postings Slide, Blogging Peaks.”
I’ve always thought that the blog statistics were not a solid foundation on which to build a whole house of conclusions, but there’s certainly enough history to at least track some trends and draw some general conclusions about trends.
Rubel focuses on blog posts per day, which he calls “the most critical measure as it relates to blogging” and notes that posts per day have been dropping. This raises the quantity vs. quality issue, but it’s intriguing to focus on this metric.
The money quote(and something to think about at a number of different levels):

Clearly people are publishing in other places and it’s taking their time away from blogs.

I was thinking about today because I’ve had a string of calls asking me for quotes on a variety of topics. I typically won’t blog about those topics until the article appears. I’m also doing more podcasts and publishing in other outlets. That’s not exactly what Rubel’s point was, but I’ve noticed that my posts per week, a more useful metric to me, has been dropping from about 5 to more like 3. That’s still within my original target range of 3 – 5 posts per week, but an interesting trend.
I’m not quite sure what to make of blog peaking or peak oil, for that matter. If blogging is “peaking,” what comes next?
As an aside, my unscientific survey of law-related blogs suggests the number of blawg posts as been noticeably increasing lately.
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