Tom Mighell and I recently had the chance to talk about the recent ABA TECHSHOW, legal technology trends for 2007, current developments in electronic discovery, and our upcoming book on collaboration tools for lawyers. We recorded the conversation and it’s now episode #5 of The Kennedy-Mighell Report, a legal technology podcast with an Internet focus.
It’s a wide-ranging conversation, but I especially recommend the section where we talked about electronic discovery. Has EDD been oversold, or undersold? Have the December 2006 amendments to the FRCP reallychanged the approach lawyers do or do not take to e-discovery? I hope our conversation starts some other discussions on these topics.
Look for us to produce these podcasts on a more regular basis. If you haven’t listened to earlier episodes, let me especially recommend the episode on Web 2.0 for lawyers. Let us know if there are topics you’d like us to cover.
Link to Episode 5
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Learn more about electronic discovery at Dennis Kennedy’s Electronic Discovery Resources page.
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