I’ve recently seen a number of surveys, posts and articles suggesting that blogging, or at least the growth rate in blogging, has peaked. Some are quite reasonable and more than a few are a little breathless, even sensational, not unlike what you see on “peak oil” or “peak anything” for that answer.
If you have an interest in the topic, or just want some good common sense analysis and advice about blogging today, you will want to read Jack Vinson’s recent post, “Surprise announcement: there is a dark side to blogging.”
It’s a short article, but packed with the wisdom, we’ve come to expect from the aptly named “Knowledge Jolt with Jack” blog.
The money quote:

If I were to write a trade article on the topic, the short form would be
Not everyone should be blogging.
Many people figure it out before they start, and some figure it out after.

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