I’ve noticed that Google has become much less efficient a search tool for me over the last few years unless I dip into my bag of search tricks. My current best search trick is to email or IM Tom Mighell for help, but that trick isn’t available for everyone.
Lifehacker.com has Google School, an excellent, and growing, collection of blog posts with Google tips and tricks. Be sure to check out the comments for even more tips from readers.
The most recent post, “Compare items with Google,” offers some good ideas for finding comparisons among products. If you’ve tried to research products on Google lately (e.g., iPod speakers), you know how much “noise” you’ll find and how difficult it is to find reviews and other consumer-oriented information. This post offers some tips to increase the signal-to-noise ratio for those kinds of searches. The whole collection deserves your attention.
The money quote:

Simply search for, in quotes: “better than _keyword_”

Interestingly, if only to me, there was no result for “better than dennis kennedy” (until now). How about you?
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