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Our first question: Can you suggest an RSS reader for my Treo?
Since I don’t personally use a Treo, I had to do a little research. My impression from doing some searches is that people stopped commenting about stand-alone mobile RSS readers for Treo or Palm OS sometime in 2005.
That said, Andrw Carton’s post on mobile RSS readers for Treo is a good starting point and he liked QuickNews.
However, I wondered why you would want to use a separate application rather than simply use an online RSS reader. So, I asked my Treo expert Tom Mighell for his insights. Tom noted that you really don’t want to use the standard online newsreaders, because it’s not optimized for the mobile interface, which can cause performance, display and other problems.
The solution, then would be to check out the online newsreader pages optimized for moblile reading. You have a number of choices, including the Google Reader and Bloglines.
Tom also mentioned that reading RSS feeds on a smart phone has its limitations because of screen size and probably makes sense when you have a limited number of key feeds that you want to follow. I’d be tempted to create two online reader accounts and use one just for feeds that you want to access over the Treo or other Palm or mobile device.
I welcome comments from those with other answers and insights.
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