Dave Pollard’s post “Knowledge in the Workplace: Have It Your Way” is one that I expect to be revisiting time after time. He’s captured so much of what I’ve been thinking about collaboration tools and pushed my thinking in some new directions. I can’t recommend this post enough.
Money quote #1:

Recently I devised what I called Pollard’s Law for communication and collaboration tools (“they have to be simple and ubiquitous and meet an urgent need, or they won’t be used”).

Money quote #2:

Humans, at least modern ones, have a predilection for wanting to own, rather than share, such bodily extensions, so they are available precisely when, where and how we choose to use them. In the workplace, too, people want their own stuff — their own phones, offices, PCs etc., even when they may be unnecessary to the effective performance of their jobs. So perhaps it is not surprising that we want the information that we get in the workplace, our way, in our own space, organized in the way it makes sense to us.

Money quote #3:

So, just as the most valuable communication and collaboration tools/media will be those that are simple and ubiquitous, the most valuable content-and-collection tools will be those that transfer and deliver information content the way the user wants it, direct to the user’s ‘home space’. Give it to ’em their way, and they’ll value it, use it, and make it their own.

You’ll also find a thought-provoking table and chart that are essential for anyone working into the world of social networking apps and collaboration tools.
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