Thanks to Jack Vinson, one of my favorite KM gurus, for the pointing out this one.
Keith Ecker has written an excellent article on KM projects called “Knowledge Management: A Step-by-Step Guide to KM Initiatives (pdf)” in the June 2007 issue of Inside Counsel magazine. On the one hand, it’s a solid introduction to KM projects and the seven steps give a useful simple framework for considering the issues. More important, its examples and quotes are chock-full of practical advice and distilled wisdom about the current state of the art in KM and what you can do to enhance the likelihood of success in your KM projects. The article focuses on corporate legal departments, but the lessons can be applied in law firms and other organizations as well.
The seven steps listed in the article:

  1. Create an objective
  2. Sell it
  3. Appoint a leader
  4. Get buy-in
  5. Leverage existing technology
  6. Consider other stakeholders
  7. Maintain it

I had a very enjoyable conversation with Keith about this subject for the article and am quite pleased with the two quotes he used from me that he took from our extensive and wide-ranging conversation. I’m also pleased to see that my quotes made the cut to be included along with quotes from some of the people I most like to read and hear from on KM topics. It’s always been intriguing to me that even though I don’t get many opportunities to write or speak about KM, my KM articles and presentations have always been among by best-received and most popular works.
I definitely recommend the article to anyone involved in any way in a legal KM effort.
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