There are still many, many lawyers and others who aren’t comfortable that they understand what a blog is. Even more do not understand what all the fuss about them is. Even the lawyers familiar with blogs often do not realize the richness and diversity of law-related blogs.
Neil Squillante at TechnoLawyer has performed two valuable services with BlawgWorld 2007, a free new eBook that features “best of” posts from 77 law-related blogs.
First, the eBook gives everyone from the complete blog novice to the most blog-savvy an excellent introduction to the world of blawgs. You can learn a lot about the blogs that are available and you can learn a lot from the topics covered by the posts collected in this eBook. I’m sure that you will find many new blogs to visit.
Second, the eBook includes a valuable resource on legal technology vendors that matches up vendors with the questions a law firm would commonly ask. I think that you will find this very useful.
Congratulations to Neil for putting together this excellent FREE eBook (and take note of the cutting-edge and user-friendly design of the BlawgWorld eBook. Becomiing a member of TechnoLawyer is a wise move for anyone interested in legal technology.
Download your copy of BlawgWorld here.
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