One of my favorite podcasts is the companion podcast for Steve Wildstrom’s Technology & You column in Business Week (feed). I really enjoy Steve’s practical approach to technology (in no small part because it’s similar to the approach I like to take) and I always learn a lot from each podcast. The podcasts are short and to the point, and make for a good introduction to the podcast medium for those who have not experimented with it.
His most recent column and podcast focus on the iPhone, not surprisingly, but offer some fresh perspectives and insights. The column is called “Making the iPhone Better for Business,” and offers a very practical, balanced look at some of the issues someone who wants to use the iPhone in a corporate setting will face. Steve’s take is that there are significant issues that will likely be addressed in later improvements to iPhone software, not a big surprise in a 1.0 version of anything, but something that must be considered with eyes open and rose-colored glasses off if you want to use an iPhone in the classic corporate setting.
The money quote:

At the moment, corporate IT departments really don’t have much to fear from iPhones because they just aren’t equipped to work with enterprise systems. But mobile executives buy the overwhelming majority of smartphones, and Apple is going to need these customers. It should move quickly to develop the software partnerships required to meet their needs and win their business.

The column is great, but I really like the companion podcast (mp3) best. Give it a try.
My other favorite post about the iPhone is Dave Winer’s pointer to a Consumer Reports article that covers the overlooked aspect of iPhones – how they work as phones.
As I follow the iPhone rollout stories, I’m reminded that there’s a big difference between first adopters and early adopters and how I tend to fall into the early adopter category. I doubt that I would be as sanguine as Ernie is if I had even one of his first adopter experiences.
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