So says my personal Facebook guide and guru, Denise Howell, taking advantage of Webster’s recent addition of “ginormous” as an officially-sanctioned word.
We’re talking about using the Google Shared Reader App for Facebook to generate a combo “linkblog” and feed through Facebook . . . and beyond.
I’ve been wanting to do my own linkblog for a zillion years, but had never found an easy way to generate one – at least for me.
When I read Robert Scoble’s post Google Reader + Facebook Application = Digg killer?, something clicked and I had to try it. And that meant even joining up with Facebook.
And it looks like the app gives me exactly what I wanted. After installing the app, I can simply mark a feed item in Googgle Reader(from a blog or feed to which I subscribe) as “shared” and it automatically gets put into a list of shared items on my Facebook profile and, best of all, it gets added to an RSS feed that I, and anyone else, can subscribe to. There’s also a Google Reader Shared page here that you can visit if you don’t do feeds (but you really have to start moving in that direction).
What was even more interesting to me was the possibility of (1) subscribing to someone’s else’s Shared Items feed (e.g., Denise’s) and (2) aggregating these feeds from a selected group of friends.
I becomes easy to share what’s interesting to you, learn what others are reading, and potentially share common links and interests. Someone I described this to today immediately thought that it could be turned into raw materials for a wiki.
Denise has started an experiment with a single point of contact for shared items from members of the new Between Lawyers Facebook group. The group is intended to be a companion site to the Between Lawyers blog, and a bit of a playful joke on how we spend more time on the backchannel email list for the blog than we do writing the blog. Check it out and join in.
Anyway, this is one part of some tentative experiments I’m doing on the Facebook platform that might have implications elsewhere.
My new Facebook profile (hey, I’m a very late adopter on this one, and got in because we wanted to try the Between Lawyers experiment) is here.
NOTE: I’m not sure how links into Facebook work. You might have to create a Facebook account. It’s worth doing to experiment a bit.
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