I don’t know exactly why, but I’ve noticed that the tech developments that have really captured my attention lately are not the iPhones and the latest applications.
No, what I’m drawn to these days is STORAGE.
I’m not sure why. Perhaps because all of my hard drives seem over-full.
First, it was Drobo, the storage robot, that I wrote about in the TechnoLawyer Newswire. It was one of the few things that makes it on to my “I want to get one of those” list. When I was watching videos about how it worked rather than writing the article, I knew I was hooked. Here’s the article I wrote.
Next, it was seeing 500 gigs of external hard drive in the $100 range. My first external hard drive, for my Mac SE, costs $1,000 for 30 megabytes.
Then, I was reading about the new generation of hybrid (flash and standard) hard drives.
Finally, this morning, I listened raptly to Scott Hanselman’s Hanselminutes podcast #71, an interview with Charlie Kindel of the Microsoft Windows Home Server team. They talked about the new Windows Home Server platform and how it could operate a standard home network, aggregate storage, and handle backup, plus much more. I really want that. Check it out and see if it has the same appeal to you.
I certainly would not have expected this, but storage is my hot topic for the summer. That and Facebook, but more about that later.
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