Although my usual approach to conferences is to spend my time talking to people rather than blogging, Kevin O’Keefe convinced me that I should make a post or two.
Kevin has created a set of links to posts from bloggers at the ILTA conference, and I believe it will be updated from time to time. Kevin also mentions the other bloggers here and it was great to visit with some of them last night. This Technorati search will help you find other ILTA-related blog posts.
As ever, ILTA is such an impressive conference and it’s great to be part of it. Lots of great people here.
I had a great time speaking with Kevin O’Keefe, Gloria Fox, and LIsa Kellar Gianakos on using blogs and wikis for KM yesterday, but I had an even better time after when Kevin, Gloria and extended our personal panel conversation for a couple of hours afterward. Ironically, it was personal proof of the “unconference” concept that I’ve advocated in connection with LexThink – the best part of conferences are the conversations that happen in the hallways.
David Hobbie, who I met after our presentation, has a great set of notes from the presentation that capture most of the key points we made in presentation. I’ve already subscribed to his RSS feed.
The one point I thought about but didn’t make because of time constraints and what to capture here so I can return to it later is this: the renewed interest in KM and the surge in interest in blogs, Wikis, Facebook, and other Web 2.0 / collaboration / social networking tools is simple a response to the growing failure of email as a communication medium.
Off to a meeting.
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