I wrote a while back about something I called “presumptuous computing.”
This morning, again, I found that two of my computers had rebooted themselves after Windows (XP) updates. I like automatic updates (and, frankly, updates are an essential part of basic computer security), but the automatic reboots, especially on mornings when you’ve left a lot of programs open the night before to get off to a fast start, are a definite downside.
The good news was that Outlook did not treat this exit as an improper exit. I’ve also grown to like the “restore” feature of Firefox.
The ongoing performance issues I’ve today on one of my computers, however, have not been what I would have hoped to see. I’ll be doing some research to see if there’s a way to block the automatic reboots and limit reboots after updates to manual ones. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d enjoy hearing them.
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