Tom Mighell and I have been working on our upcoming book, tentatively titled “The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools.”
I mentioned to him after the ILTA conference that I thought our timing for the publication of the book (Spring 2008) was bout right because collaboration was certainly a point of emphasis at ILTA. In fact, the current issue of ILTA’s Peer to Peer magazine focused on collaboration technologies.
This morning, I saw that the new 2007 AmLaw Tech Survey had been released and in the feature article summarizing the survey, “Digital Dialogue Revs Up at Top Firms,” the word “collaboration” is used 19 times, by my count. I highly recommend the article, and the companion pieces. It’s always useful to take a close look at the AmLaw Tech Survey to spot trends in legal technology.
I’ve always noticed that bloggers who write books always seem to reach a point where they say that there will be light posting while they try to get the book finished. I wondered if I’d ever reach that point and, yes, here I am. I’m going to be concentrating my writing time on finishing the draft of the book for the next four to six weeks, so expect light posting here.
I’ve decided that the easiest way for me to write blog posts quickly and easily during this stretch is to shift over to the “By Request” mode and answer your questions. If you’ve had any questions (ideally ones that lend themselves to short answers) that you’ve wondered if I might answer, now’s the time to ask them. I’d like to build up a stock of them and dip into them from time to time over the next several weeks.
You can leave your questions as a comment to this post, email them to me at denniskennedyblog @ gmail . com, leave them on the “wall” on my Facebook profile page, or leave them at the discussion board topic I’ll be creating at the Between Lawyers group on Facebook.
I also wanted to recommend Ron Friedmann’s recent post, “The Future of Law Practice Management.”
To get a glimpse of blog posts that interest me and topics that might show up later, you can check out my Google Reader Shared Items linkblog and feed (warning: high volume, although I’ll probably cut back on that as well).
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