As some of you already know, I’ll be taking over the technology column for the ABA Journal. I consider that an honor – to continue in the tradition of legal tech pioneers, David Hirsch and David Beckman, who wrote their tech column for many years. I was a regular reader and a fan.
It’s also an opportunity for me to write a regular column that specifically focuses on practical ways that individual lawyers can use technology to help them in their practices.
My first column debuts in the November issue of the ABA Journal and is now available online here. The column looks at simple ways to use desktop search engines as simple, but effective, personal knowledge management tools.
If you have topics you’d like to see me cover in future columns, let me know. A special thank you to Reg Davis for bringing me the opportunity to write the column and for being the editor for these columns. And, if you haven’t yet checked out the new redesign of the ABA Journal’s website, you really owe it to yourself to do that now. It’s no longer “your father’s ABA Journal web page.”
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