My newest technology column in the ABA Journal is out and it’s called Tech Greats for ‘08: Spruce up your buying strategy for a better year.
I say: “Here are my best suggestions for planning to im­prove your technology—and your relationship with technology—in 2008. These ideas won’t cost you much money, but they will make your daily experience better than ever.”
The summary:

1. Get some storage.
2. Get a new interface.
3. Get a new bag.
4. Get an iPod.
5. Get a blog or a podcast.
6. My best advice for 2008: Learn a new skill or technology.

Read the column to get the details.
Also, a tip of the blog hat to Steve Matthews for his Clawbie awards for best Canadian law-related blogs – a great place to find some new blogs to add to your newsreader.
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