I was doing some research last night (for this) and wanted to find the first time that I had written about blogging for lawyers in a published article.
I actually know the answer to this question because Jerry Lawson likes to have fun and point out that I first suggested that blogs could be a great marketing vehicle for lawyers more than two years before I actually got around to launching my own blog.
So, if you go back to December 2000, in column #15 of The Internet Roundtable, a long-running series of articles on Internet marketing I co-wrote with Jerry Lawson and Brenda Howard, you’ll find me saying:

“Blogs” . . . are my new favorite web phenomenon. In essence, they allow you to put an ongoing web journal of your writings on your web site, almost like a daily diary. If your site is designed to accentuate your personality, a blog might be a fascinating tool to let you easily put up opinions, idea and thoughts and get your audience to return on a regular basis.

Jerry’s response was quite prescient, as always. In part, he said, “For most lawyers, blogs would be a fiasco, possibly even dangerous. On the other hand, for a few lawyers, they could be perfect.”
The Internet Roundtable columns are some of my very favorite articles. We wrote 36 of them over a three-year period, all published on LLRX.com (although #36, which included Ernest Svenson and Tom Mighell in a discussion of blogging, seems to be missing). They were written as a conversation and I’ve used that “roundtable” format extensively over the years. It’s such a great way to write good multi-authored articles.
We would pick a simple aspect of Internet marketing and kick around some of the basic ideas and concepts and offer practical insights and tips.
So, last night I looked through some of the articles. I still enjoy them and was struck by how relevant the discussions still are and how much you can learn from the articles. The columns seem to have captured some of the core principles of successful websites and improved web presence. It’s interesting to see how, today, blogs, by their very nature, allow you to automatically execute some of the best elements of good content strategies.
We had a good number of guest authors, in a way a who’s who in legal websites and Internet marketing from the late 1990s and pre-blog era. For example, there’s a great column with Kevin O’Keefe talking not about blogs, but about creating virtual communities, the area where Kevin gained a lot recognition. Definitely worth a read.
I created this link, based on a search term, to give you quick access to the full set Internet Roundtable columns. If that link doesn’t work for you, head over to the great LLRX.com site and run a search on “internet roundtable.” Take a look. You’ll probably find an idea or two that you can use for your website or blog. It’d be nice to see these articles get a fresh life.
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