Judith Lamont’s KM World article “KM for Legal Apps: Time is Money” gives a good picture of some of the practical uses law firms are making with knowledge management applications. Conflict-checking, integrating paper and electronic document management and enhanced full-text search are some of the uses highlighted in the article.
The article also highlights a number of KM and other tech tools being used, including Microsoft SharePoint, something on which I’m quoted in the article. As Judith points out, “Kennedy also expects the various products used in law firms to work better together, more as an integrated whole than a series of functionally unrelated products.”
An interesting theme that the article covers is the move by law firms to find integrated search tools inside the firm and how KM products (sometimes already owned by firms) offers the potential to fill that need.
The money quote:

It’s one thing to fail to locate a document on the Internet using Google, but when in-house resources cannot be accessed effectively, time is wasted and complaints are loud.

There are some very good ideas in this article. Highly recommended.
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