Congratulations on milestones for Jack Vinson and Tom Mighell.
Instructions: Follow the links and the blogs from which they come, and see what new pathways open up. In this week’s episode:
Gas Prices are Now as High as back in the 1970’s Adjusted for inflation
HP Acquires EDS: More Cloud Computing Fallout?
The Future of Law Practice Management Conferences
Big thing next
“Learning the Right Lessons from Iraq” – it is not too late!
Ayers Applauds Chicago’s Ban on Laptops in the Classroom
Should I Stop Blogging? 20 Questions to Ask Yourself
5 Keys to Crafting a Really Good ‘About’ Page
Rail Transportation is the Future
SaaS vs. Hosted vs. On-Premise
Living the Prolific Life: A How-to Guide
How to Cram All Your Travel Gear in One Bag
See You Later, at the Aggregators!
Endless Conversation: The Unfolding Saga of Blogs, Twitter, Friendfeed, and Social Sites
2008 The year of thin-client?
How RSS Feeds Affect My Life & Work
The Zero-Percent Rule | Knowledge Management
OPML Resources for ReadWriteWeb Readers
Two Key Issues that often Hinder Collaboration Between Teams in Large Companies
How I got my current favorite mentor
Doing Business – interesting parallels for legal profession
Repurpose Your Content to Leverage Your Time
The Iraq War Will End in 2009
This Week’s Additions to 52 Books in 52 Weeks:
The Amateur Spy, by Dan Fesperman

Still Broken, by A.J. Rossmiller

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