My readers have often enjoyed my writings on why I decide to purchase or use a product or technology. That doesn’t surprise me, because I enjoy reading about people’s decisions about and experiences with new technologies. In fact, one of my articles on that topic, “The Best is the Enemy of the Good,” is one of my most popular articles and one of my personal favorites.
So, I want to write a multi-part series of posts on my most recent purchase, an iPod Touch, which was the answer to my recent question: “What laptop computer should I buy next?”
In fairness, it was a bit of trick question, because I was really answering the question of what should be my secondary laptop?
It’s a story of unexpected twists and turns. I really tried to make an effort to identify exactly what my needs will be and what best fits the needs. Along the way, I became intrigued by what might be the right platform in the coming world of cloud computing.
I also had a few constraints that I’ll talk about in later posts. To answer the obvious question, I decided that the iPhone was not an option, although I have the occasional second thought on that. You might be surprised at what other choices I ruled out.
In upcoming posts, I lead you through the problem I was trying to solve, the thought process, the decision, the purchase and the actual experience. At this point, I’m feeling that I made exactly the right choice, although not without a few bumps in the road and a few reservations.
Stay tuned.
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