Green legal technology. Is there such a thing? My new ABA Journal column, “Go Green, Save Green,” offers my answer to the question.
Subtitled “8 ideas to help the planet, your pocketbook,” the column takes a practical approach to green technology and argues that “green” initiatives will have more traction when there is a saving of green money. I also note that recent tech developments make it easier to go green than ever before. I get 8 tips and practical ideas that focus on potential cost savings associated with green efforts.
The column also mentions the ABA’s Law Office Climate Challenge, which has a great set of resources for those thinking green.
The money quote:

Whether you want to save the world or just save some cash, greening your technology has become an attractive, easy path for lawyers and law firms. Small steps will produce measurable results.

Check out the column and the rest of this month’s issue of the ABA Journal.
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