In the last few days, I’ve been getting a surprising number of emails (way more than one) asking me if I’ll have time to get together at LegalTech in New York. It’s flattering and it reminds me how much fun attending LegalTech can be. It’s also interesting how people assume that I’ll be at the show.
Unfortunately, however, I won’t be attending LegalTech this year. In person, that is. I’ll follow happenings there via reading blogs and Twitter.
If I were there, I’d be very interested in assessing the impact of the current economic turmoil on the legal tech industry. So, I’ll be looking to my friends there to report to me on that. I’m a little disappointed, though, because I’ve already been invited to meet with people who would give me some excellent inisghts into new products and developments in legal tech.
In terms of 2009 legal technology shows, I’ll definitely be at ABA TECHSHOW, where I’ll be speaking on collaboration topics. There’s also a chance that I might be at the ILTA conference this summer.
There’s also an excellent chance that you will be able to see me at Matt Homann’s upcoming Lexthink event.
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