As part of blawgiversary week at DennisKennedy.Blog, I’ve invited readers to send me their questions and I’ll try to answer each of them with a “By Request” post.
Today’s question was: “Can you give us more details on your presentations at TECHSHOW?”
While I like the new design of the ABA TECHSHOW 2009 site, I haven’t found a way to see in one place a list of presentations by speaker with descriptions of the sessions, so I’m sympathetic to this question.
I’ll be co-presenting at three sessions on Friday, April 3. All are about collaboration tools and technologies.
1. Building Bridges: Collaboration Tools Corporate Clients Will Love, with Joel Alleyne. (10:30 – 11:30)
Here’s the official description:

There is no room for inefficiency or insecurity during information exchange between client and law firm. Save your clients money and provide a unique experience by mastering the wealth of collaboration tools available to work with clients, co-counsel, and even opposing counsel. Extranets, webinars, SharePoint, online project management, online video conferencing and many more tools provide alternatives to voice and email communication. Come learn about the different options, both synchronous and asynchronous, to share information and collaborate on work product with these effective new technologies.

In this session, I’m expecting to focus on client-focused collaboration tools and strategies, with an emphasis on some fresh approaches to one of my longtime favorite themes – client-driven technologies.
2. Smart Ways to Work Together: Collaboration Tools and Technologies for Lawyers, with Tom Mighell. (12:30 – 1:30)
Here’s the official description:

Cut out the phone tag and down time while getting more work done with your colleagues. Learn what new or ripening technologies are available, how to select the right tool for the job, and practical tips for using collaboration tools in common settings, including ethical issues and other considerations. Shared calendars and documents, meeting managers, IM, wikis, video conferencing – it’s all waiting to boost your productivity, and much of it is FREE!

This presentation will, of course, be based on our book, but Tom and I have decided to take a modified “60 Collaboration Tips in 60 Minutes” approach to this session to maximize the amount of practical information we deliver and to provide useful info to all attendees regardless of their levels of experience or expertise with collaboration tools.
3. Collaboration Tools for Lawyers, with Tom Mighell (2:30 – 3:30)
Here’s the official description:

The authors of Collaboration Tools & Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together will lead this roundtable discussion, which will cover all the many technologies, both general and legal-specific, that lawyers can use to work together more effectively. Come hear what works for others, and share what has worked for you.

In this session, Tom and I want to focus on what the audience wants to learn. We are planning to use an “unconference” approach (probably some modified Open Space and LexThink techniques) to make the session as interactive as possible and to help share the experience and expertise of everyone in the room. It was great to see Bob Ambrogi’s blog post today with his very favorable response to his recent experience with “unconference” approaches. Here are some of my thoughts on unconferences.
In addition to the presentations, I expect to put in some volunteer time as a “conference concierge” at the entrance station, and expect that Tom and I will co-host one of the dinner outings.
If you still haven’t made a decision about attending TECHSHOW this year, now is the time to make up your mind. There’s a $200 early bird discount available until the end of February. If you join the ABA’s Law Practice Management Section (and you should if you read this blog and are an ABA member), you will be eligible for a discount as well. If someone else from your organization is also wanting to go, multiple attendee pricing is also available. Lots of good deals for a great legal technology conference. Hope to see you there.
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