Got the word today that the newest episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast is now available for download. You can also subscribe to podcast on iTunes.
This episode has been given the intriguing title of “Has PowerPoint Killed the Presentation?” There’s no doubt that PowerPoint can be deadly in the hands of lawyers. We take a fresh look at PowerPoint in the light of some of our recent presentations, and give some of of favorite tips for improving your slides and presentations.
It’s just Tom and me in the studio for this episode, as we go without a co-host and experiment with a new format. We really like the new format – a main topic, answers to audience questions (thanks for the great questions) and our parting shots of a favorite tip you can use. We welcome your feedback on the episode and the new format. I expect that we’ll keep the new format and see the return of a co-host for the next episode.
We also welcomed our friends at RocketMatter as a sponsor of the podcast. As usual, we had the great production team at the Legal Talk Network. Follow the LTN Twitter feed (@legaltalk) for info on sending us questions for the podcast, details on a live feed during the podcast recording and info on the other great LTN podcasts.
If you’d like some helpful tips on improving your use of PowerPoint, the tips in one of my most popular articles ever will give you a good starting point, even ten years after I wrote them. My parting shot was about how helpful screen capture tools can be in a variety of settings. I referred to this Lifehacker post about the five best screen capture tools.
Give the new episode a listen and let me know what you think.
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