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Ron Friedmann – The Inside Counsel Law Department Innovation Winners –

2010 InsideLegal/ILTA Member Technology Purchasing Survey released – – #ilta10

Unfortunately, I can’t make it to the ILTA Conference, but will follow the #ilta10 hashtag.

Join @tommighell, @catherinereach and me on 8/19 for webinar on “Creating Your Online Presence” –

New blog post about new Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast: “The Siteless Web Presence” –

Kevin Kelly: Google Drawing is “the best simple drawing program there is” –

In Their Own Words – BBC’s archive of interviews with British novelists –

New blog post about upcoming “Creating Your Online Presence” webinar on Thursday –

RT @InsideLegal: Microsoft’s legal cloud strategy explained by Norm Thomas #ilta10

Adam Smith, Esq. – You Can Ignore 5 of These Trends: But Only 5 –

Ron Friedmann: A New Generation of Online Legal Services?

Dave Snowden wonders why people say the things they do in public on the phone. And so do we all.

Jack Vinson: “Make sense personally and with the group” – – why people blog

Olivia Mitchell: Are you ready for the third era in presenting? I’m a big fan of Open Space Technology

Vanessa Fox: Knowledge is a mashup (Smithsonian Commons project) –

RT @ABATECHSHOW: Tom Mighell, David Bilinsky and Dennis Kennedy team up for Creating Your Online Presence: #techshow

Curt Hopkins: I Don’t Know Much About Art But I Know What’s Online –

New blog post: A Podcast Listener’s Guide – – a new episode of Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast

Encyclopedia Britannica Blog: Remembering Hiroshima (Picture Essay of the Day) –

RT @TomMighell: In the latest episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report, we offer A Podcast Listener’s Guide:

RT @FredFaulknerIV: Google Wave finds itself delegated to the shelf. Let’s see what gets inc. into other Google tools.

New blog post: Powering Up Your Personal Productivity – Podcast

Scott Scheper: The To Do List Secret Everybody Ought to Know – – a helpful 80/20 rule

RT @collabtools: The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies – 20% off this week!

New Kennedy-Mighell Report,podcast featuring @allisonshields: Powering Up Your Personal Productivity –

New blog post: Ten Tips for Technology Committees –

Adam Pash: Four Solid Methods for Getting Back Your Lost Thumb Drive –

Contracts and document assembly: Best of Exari Blog, part 1 – [Great blogging idea too]

Alexandra Samuel: 10 Reasons to Stop Apologizing for Your Online Life –

Elinor Mills: What to do with passwords once you create them –

New blog post – “Power Panels – Tips for Tech Committees” –

New blog post: “Lawyers as Project Managers – Podcast” – – Kennedy-Mighell Report legal tech podcast

New blog post: “The Summer of the Smartphone – Podcast” –

Lucy Kellaway: “It’s time sack job appraisals” – – eye-opening perspectives on performance reviews

Nick Morgan: 10 Rules for Presenting as a Team – (great advice for panels too)

Glen Alleman: “What did we get for the money we spent?” and other top questions for project managers –

Nat Torkington: Clue is a renewable resource –

Sad to learn of death of tax legend Marty GInsburg, one of my favorite Georgetown law profs –

5 tips for an effective technology committee – – my new ABA Journal column

Aliza Sherman: “Identifying Your Social Media Triad” – – presence, reach and interaction

The Summer of the Smartphone – new episode of Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast

From Greatest American Lawyer – “iPad for Lawyers: The Easiest Access to Information” –

Simplifying Legal Technology Strategies – new episode of Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast –

Posted a new collection of microblog posts on DennisKennedy.Blog –

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