What did we learn and what should we take forward from our legal education experience in COVID times?

Alyson Carrel (Northwestern), Cat Moon (Vanderbilt), and I (Michigan State) are co-hosting a virtual workshop on Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 9:00 CDT on this topic. Think of it as an “after action report” on legal education from March 2020 until now.

What did we learn? What don’t we want to leave behind or forget? How should we take the best lessons forward in practical ways?

“I want it to be a workshop where people come to work.”

When Cat and Allyson approached me with this idea, I said, “I want it to be a workshop where people come to work.” That’s what we are planning.

We are bringing together law school faculty and administrators, law students, and education experts to reflect on what we’ve all learned and work on ways to move forward. We are calling it the TRB Retrospective to reflect the thorn, rose, bud metaphor.

We’ll use dedicated groups and facilitated breakout rooms, with the goals of sharing learnings and giving you a group to carry a project forward with a committed team that you find at the workshop.

Learn more and apply at bit.ly/3hXvZAA

Application and approval required. Hope to see you there.

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