I was just thinking this weekend about how much I like reading Red Herring magazine, but that I noticed that it was getting thinner and had fewer ad pages, always a bad sign. I was hoping that the fact that I liked a magazine would not turn out to be the kiss of death, like it seems to be for TV shows I like. Unfortunately, it was.
I got a lot of great information and ideas from that magazine (not counting the tech stocks that took horrifying plunges after I bought them based on Red Herring articles, or, worse yet, the recommendations of the Red Herring stock portfolio column – but, hey, those stock stories will make for good nostalgia in the years to come, right?). The industry briefings were always great sources on particular industries or areas of technology.
After my initial disbelief, I marched right over to Tony Perkins’ new web venture, AlwaysOn and signed right up. I’m very interested to see what comes next.