As the song says, it’s always good for me to be back home again in Indiana. While visiting my parents this past week, I did something that I realized I haven’t done in many years – let myself drift into the vacation mode and let go of the need to “accomplish” some work even when on vacation. Instead, I found myself visiting with friends and family, completing a bike ride I’ve wanted to make since I was a child, spending time at my family’s farm and even attending a pickle festival and touring a pickle factory in a nearby town.
A good time to let thoughts percolate and I have some ideas for some new directions.
The little blog break was a good thing, too, because I now have a better feel for some of the things I’d like to do with this blog – new directions, a somewhat more personal approach, and some surprises, I suppose. I know that I sure do disagree with the recent article suggesting that lawyers who blog should take care to show no personality or, God forbid, mention their interest in Nascar. How will people know how much I’d appreciate great tickets to the Daytona 500 if I can’t mention it in my blog? Interestingly, in talking with friends, I notice the most eye-rolling and head-shaking about lawyers when I mention the comments of others that lawyers should take care to hide personality and opinions in blogs.
Watch this space for some new things.