I’ve been intrigued lately by the innovative ways bloggers have used to support their efforts – from pledge drives to tip jars to Amazon wishlists and other options. This phenomenon is cool and shows one of the many creative techniques that bloggers have developed, often by applying existing tools to new uses.
It makes good sense to me and I can’t wait to jump in.
I was fascinated to hear about WhatGoesAround.org and the variation on the wishlist idea they have developed to allow people to donate funds to your favorite charities. This approach, too, also makes sense in the context of ways that readers of blogs can do something to support their favorite blogs.
So, if you like what I’m doing with this blog and want to help support it, here are four things to consider doing:
1. Make a donation to one of the charities on my GiveList and, in particular, to The College School, the amazing and innovative school that my daughter attends.
2. Send me something on my Amazon WishList.
3. I have a growing collection of cool tech giveaway items (you know, like the logoed giveaway items you get in exhibit halls). If you are doing some cool new giveaway items for 2004, you can add me to your recipient list.
4. Help me learn about cool tools by sending me review copies of software, gadgets and the like.
Of course, there are also the traditional options of sponsoring a portion of my website or buying my services or products.
Best wishes for 2004!