I got a nice email today from Peter Judson, a teacher in Montreal, who wanted to let me know that he had linked to my Ten Tips for Making a PowerPoint Presentation article and had used some of my points to help his 7th grade students prepare to do some project presentations.
I took at look at the site he created and then looked at the slides under “Mr. Judson’s Presentation.”
I’ve published hundreds of article in all kinds of places, but I don’t know if I’ve ever been more flattered by someone making my ideas available or seen a more satisfying use of my writing.
I sit here thinking that there are not many things that are as cool as being able to help kids do cool things and to help the teachers who really care about helping kids do cool things. It’s one more cool Internet experience and another e-mail that has made one of my days.
By the way, the Sacred Heart School of Montreal looks like a school that is doing some great things. If you happen to be someone with influence over grants and funds that get donated to schools for innovative uses of technology, I suggest you might add this school (along with The College School) to your list for consideration.