What do I share with sports legends Michael Jordan and Jim Brown? A February 17 birthday.
Well, today’s my birthday and also a time to celebrate the first anniversary of DennisKennedy.Blog. My blog was my birthday present to myself last year and what a great gift it was – a gift that keeps on giving.
I’ve greatly enjoyed the new vistas the blog has opened for me and thank all all the fellow bloggers and blog readers around the world I got the chance to meet or communicate with over the past year.
For those who wish to celebrate my birthday in a more traditional way:
1. Send me something on my Amazon WishList.
2. Make a donation to one of the charities on my GiveList.
3. I have a growing collection of cool tech giveaway items (you know, like the logoed giveaway items you get in exhibit halls). If you are doing some cool new giveaway items for 2004, you can add me to your recipient list – T-shirt size = Large.
For the upcoming year, expect the announcement of a few changes, some new approaches, more information and links, and, as some have already noticed, sponsors for the blog, starting with Fios, Inc. and CaseSoft.