As my previous post indicated, the Dennis Kennedy Law Firm Annual Retreat has begun.
I?m not planning to post anything new in the sense of topical until next week, but I came up with an idea to maintain a blog presence.
One of the most fun albums of the 1970s was a double album from NRBQ called “Scraps / Workshop,” which was technically a reissue of two separate albums. I wanted to borrow the “scraps and workshop” concept and the NRBQ approach to “let’s have fun and put it out there.”
I noticed that I have a bunch of lists, starts on articles, unused blog post ideas, notes and the like that are just sitting around. Some are quite interesting and extensive, in my humble opinion, but are unfinished or unpolished.
I thought it might be fun to take the NRBQ spirit and post a few of them from time to time over the next few days to let them see the light of air and maybe generate a few ideas for you. Pull up an RC Cola and a Moon Pie and let’s have some fun.